IAT206W, Media Across Cultures

Undergraduate course, School of Interactive Arts & Technology, 2017

I taught IAT 206W for the first time in Fall 2017. The regular faculty member assigned to the course had overhauled it the previous time it was offered, and taught it with a new textbook in a flipped classroom style. The faculty member recommended against using the flipped classroom style this term, but advocated that I use the new textbook. As such, I designed the course around the Visual Methodologies (Gillian Rose, 2016) text, and two major activities: a creative project that explored a particular set of imagery, and a research paper that followed one of the methodologies in the text.

The survey approach to this course allowed us to cover a wide range of approaches to qualitative research, however, the breadth was intimidating for many students. In the future, I would pare down the methodologies covered and facilitate even more opportunities to apply the techniques involved.

This course outline can be found here.